The below mentioned papers and presentations are the output of or are closely related to the project. 



Łukasz Pakuła, Joanna Pawelczyk and Jane Sunderland. 2015. Gender and Sexuality in English Language Education: Focus on Poland. London: British Council. 


Articles in refereed journals:

Pawelczyk Joanna, Łukasz Pakuła, Jane Sunderland. 2014. "Issues of power in relation to gender and sexuality in the EFL classroom - An overview", Journal of Gender and Power 1 (1): 49-66. The article can be downloaded here

Book chapters:

Pawelczyk, Joanna and Pakuła, Lukasz (2015) ‘Constructing gender and sexuality in the EFL classroom in Poland: Textbook construction and classroom negotiation?’, in Mustapha, Abolaji Samuel and Mills, Sara (eds), Gender Representations in Learning Materials: International Perspectives. London: Routledge, 193 - 211.


Joanna Pawelczyk, Łukasz Pakuła, Jane Sunderland. 2013 (November). Investigating gender and sexuality in the ESL classroom: Raising publishers’, teachers’ and student’s awareness, presented at 'Research in Language, Gender and Sexuality' group (RiGLS): Lancaster University. 

Joanna Pawelczyk and Łukasz Pakuła. 2013 (December). Representations of Gender and Sexuality in Polish ELT Textbooks and Classroom ‒ project report. Language, Gender, and Sexuality Research Group, Faculty of English at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań

Łukasz Pakuła, Joanna Pawelczyk. 2014 (March). Konstrukcja płci społeczno-kulturowej i seksualności w kontekście EFL w Polsce: Podnoszenie świadomości wydawców, nauczycieli i uczniów, paper accepted for Język trzeciego tysiaclecia VIII, Jagiellonian University: Kraków. 

Łukasz Pakuła, Joanna Pawelczyk. 2014. Gender and sexuality in the Polish ESL classroomWorkshop @ Young Linguist's Meeting in Poznań. Ponań, Poland. 

Jane Sunderland. 2014. Poznan Focus groups in social scientific research. Workshop @ Faculty of English, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. 

Joanna Pawelczyk, Łukasz Pakuła, Aleksandra Sokalska-Bennett, Bartłomiej Kruk.2014. Gendered discourses in the Polish EFL classroom: Implications for teachers' training and practice 4th International conference Applied Linguistics and Professional Practice. University of Geneva. 

Pawelczyk Joanna and Łukasz Pakuła. 2015. WA FRIDAY LUNCH TALKS, AMU, Poznań, Poland, 2015 (“I only teach English”: Gender and sexuality made (ir-)relevant in the Polish EFL classroom; delivered with Joanna Pawelczyk). link

Łukasz Pakuła. 2015. Workshop on gender and linguistic fieldwork, SOAS, University of London, London 

Łukasz Pakuła, Joanna Pawelczyk. 2015. Edukacja genderowa, edukacja seksualna. W rocznicę awantury , Warsaw University, Warsaw, Poland

Joanna Pawelczyk and Łukasz Pakuła. 2015. Queering ESOL: Towards a cultural politics of LGBT issues in the ESOL classroom, Institute of Education, University of London, London (to be given in June 2015) (invited talk).


Project brochures:

A project brochure can be downloaded here (Łukasz Pakuła)