Original CD recorded for a good cause

Available now


Dafydd Gibbon

Chocolate Baby

(for a kool lady)


14 acoustic guitar pieces played by Dafydd Gibbon himself,
including 2 duets


Recorded for our colleague from IFA Małgorzata Kul


Get your copy for just 20 PLN


Our colleague from Bielefeld University Prof. Dafydd Gibbon has just released an album to raise money for our colleague Małgorzata Kul’s recovery fund. The artist and the rest of the people involved in the production and distribution of the album receive no royalties. The money raised through distribution goes to the recovery fund that was officially announced on IFA’s website a few months ago. Since Małgorzata is still recovering from the accident she had in the spring, you can be sure the money is going to be well-spent.

You can get your copy at the Secretaries’ Office. Ask for the Gibbon CD, and make sure you have 20 PLN in cash. We do not accept credit cards, and we do not draw invoices. This is private motion to raise money for a good cause, and the album is not a commercial release. The album comes as an Audio CD burned on a CD-R with a burned-on disc label, all done the artist himself!

 Should we run out of stock, you can pre-order a copy from the next batch, which should be available in early January 2007.

Please send your inquiries to Grzegorz Michalski <grzegorz at ifa.amu.edu.pl> or ask our Secretaries for ordering information.